Jordan - four days in Wadi Ram

March 29, 30, 31, April 1, 2017 

Four days of hiking in Wadi Ram in southern Jordan, just north of the Saudi Arabian border. A moon landscape of rocky sandstone massifs rising from a sea of red sand and dunes, with hidden springs and petroglyphs on every flat rock surface. 

In the silence of the dunes, under a black dome of stars, we slept in a secluded spot – returning ‘home’ to our own tents and to a Bedouin tent set up by our hosts Salem and Mohammad leaning against the cliffs of the Um Nishrin Massif. Mohammad cooked delicious meals for us after a day’s walk and brought us lunch at midday, together with Salem. Three camels, led by the young Yasin, offered rides for those who wanted to take a break from walking across the sands. On our last day, Mohammad joined us to help our guide Lior attach the ropes, getting us safely through the narrow gorge of Um Adjil.